It’s an honour to welcome you to the 2019 Awards Night on behalf of the VKCSF.
This evening highlights months of hard work that began with the call for scholarship applications in March. Answering our call, 110 students submitted lengthy application packages conveying their academic history and future plans. Our scholarship committee had the privilege of selecting tonight’s recipients. We have the fortune of presenting 38 awards amounting to $92,000 thanks to your support.

The foundation is able to serve its purpose because of our generous donors. I am humbled by the community of support that I have felt first-hand from so many friends and benefactors over the past year. Much of the foundation’s goodwill is owed to the dedication and vision of my predecessors, most notably Mrs. Eunice Oh who continues to serve as a board member. The growing legacy of the foundation is ours to foster and the community’s to share.

Recipients: You were asked who you want to be in twenty years. Your answers were memorable and inspiring. Look around you today and remember that these faces of the community have your back as you confront challenges and leave your own mark going forward. I ask you to be courageous.

Thank you to the speakers, emcees, performers, volunteers, the people of the Hilton, and our beloved directors, who have made tonight’s ceremony possible.

Yours truly,

Andrew J. Kim 김지훈 Chair, Board of Directors