The Vancouver Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation (VKCSF) is passionate about investing in the future of our community by building strong leaders and establishing networks between different generations. 

Thank you for applying for VKCSF scholarship! Please follow the guidelines carefully to be qualified for a scholarship. Should you have any questions, see our FAQ page first. Also, you can contact us at vkcsfinfo@gmail.com
Evaluation Criteria:
VKCSF awards scholarships to students who demonstrate the following:

(a) Excellence in academic or vocational training;
(b) Active involvement and leadership in the community, personal essay, reference
(c) Financial need (Optional*)
*If there is no financial need, only (a) and (b) will be considered.
Step 1: Eligibility
Anyone who will be enrolled as a full-time student from September 2021 to April 2022, and meets one of the following criteria may apply: 

A resident of Greater Vancouver (Canadian citizen or permanent resident) of Korean heritage, who will be attending an accredited post-secondary institution in the province of British Columbia.
A resident of Greater Vancouver (Canadian citizen or permanent resident) of Korean heritage, who will be attending an accredited post-secondary institution outside of the province of British Columbia, if he or she graduated from a secondary school in the Greater Vancouver area and has a parent who resides in the Greater Vancouver area.
An international student of Korean heritage, who will be attending an accredited post-secondary institution in the Greater Vancouver area.
A non-Korean heritage student, who will be attending an accredited post-secondary institution in the province of British Columbia and is pursuing academic studies related to Korea.
*Previous VKCSF scholarship recipients are eligible to apply. However, during evaluation, priorities may be given to applicants who have not received any VKCSF scholarship yet.
Step 2: Required documents – Part I
Save the following documents as PDF files (exception: photo in JPEG format). Create a folder in your Google Drive and submit them by sharing the folder. (See Step 3 for instructions for Google Drive folder)

(a) Resume:
Highlight your education, work experience, extracurricular involvement, awards, and other achievements.

(b) Essay:
Essay question: How has your Korean-Canadian identity affected you in living in Canada and what can you do to contribute to the larger Canadian society?

For non-Korean applicants, please contact us for an alternative essay question at vkcsfinfo@gmail.com
Maximum 500 words: show the word count at the bottom of the page

(c) Transcript(s):
Scan your academic transcript(s) and save as a single PDF file. Unofficial transcript(s) in PDF format is also acceptable.
Please note that sealed official transcript(s) are also required. (See step 4 (h))
Any discrepancy during verification process may result in disqualification of the application.
If you are entering the second or subsequent years of post-secondary education in September 2021, we require transcript(s) from all of post-secondary school years that will be completed by April 2021.
If you are entering the first year of post-secondary education in September 2021, we require transcript(s) from all of your secondary school years.
You may download a copy from the Ministry of Education’s website at https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/support/transcripts-and-certificates.
BCeID is required for the online transcript service. If you do not have a BCeID, apply immediately to prevent any delay.
(d) Photo:
Only JPEG format is acceptable.
Passport style: face should be centered and take up
 50% of the height of the photograph (Refer the example to the bottom).
High resolution with a minimum file size of 1 MB
Photos of scholarship recipients will be published in the
awards ceremony program booklet and on VKCSF website.
(e) School Acceptance Letter (IF APPLICABLE):
Required if you are entering the first year of post-secondary education in September 2021.

(f) Financial Need Summary (Optional):

You may submit your financial need summary for additional consideration.
If you are NOT eligible/applying for student loan(s), you must include the reason(s) for non-eligibility.
Your summary should include the following list:
i . Outline the budget (all expenses) for the 2021-2022 academic year.
ii. Provide all income sources (e.g. jobs, savings, bursary, scholarships and loans)
iii. Identify your financial shortfall based on your plan outlined above. (total expenses – total income sources)
iv. How do you intend to manage your shortfall?
v. If you are not eligible/applying for student loan(s), explain why.
(g) Notice of Assessments (If submitting financial need summary (f)):
If you are submitting the financial need summary (f), then you must provide a scanned copy of your and your parent(s)’ 2020 notice of assessment (NOA) from Canada Revenue Agency.
You may blackout/cover SIN or other confidential information, if preferred. For scholarship winners, we will require SIN later for tax receipts.
If you do not have a 2020 NOA because you were not required to file an income tax return, then you do not need to include your NOA.

Step 3: Google Drive folder
Create a Google account if you do not have one. Go to Google Drive.
Under “My Drive”, create a NEW folder and name as “VKCSF 2021 Scholarship Application: Your last name, first name”
In the folder, upload all the files from step 2.
Rename files as listed in Step 2 with your initial at the end. ie) a)resume_YourInitial, b)essay_YourInitial, c)transcript_YourInitial, etc
Share the folder with vkcsfinfo@gmail.com and pick “Editor” in the drop-down menu.
NO CHANGE is allowed after May 31st, 2021. Any change made after the deadline may result in disqualification of the application.
No separate confirmation email will be sent to you after you upload all the required documents from step 2.
Keep the folder shared with us until the end of August 2021. Once the folder is deleted, VKCSF loses access to your application folder.

Step 4: Required documents – Part II
The following documents are to be sent directly to us.

Sealed official academic transcript(s):
Make arrangements to have the sealed official academic transcript(s) mailed directly to the following address by May 31st, 2021:

 c/o Oh Pharmacy 
 #100 – 504 Cottonwood Avenue Coquitlam, B.C. V3J 2R5

Reference form:
Send the following link to your referee to answer questions directly on the Google form: https://forms.gle/Vs7Rt288bFKnqoCNA
The questions will include academic and character reference.
Late reference submission will not be accepted. For follow-up, we suggest that you kindly ask your referee to send YOU the confirmation email after completion.

Step 5: Online application form

Online application form:
AFTER uploading all the requirements from Step 2, complete the online application form:

Application deadline: May 31st, 2021 at 11:59 PM

COVID-19 Notice:
Be advised that key event dates and deadlines for this year are subject to change. We will implement procedural changes to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19, if needed. We will provide notice of the changes on our website at www.vkcsf.org 

Additional Required Documents for Selected Candidates:
All selected candidates will be individually notified by email from vkcsfinfo@gmail.com by July 21, 2021. Ensure to check your junk/spam folder regularly. Upon notification, the following items MUST be submitted (via provided online form) by July 28, 2021:

(a) Scholarship recipient remarks (maximum 75 words): State how the scholarship will have a positive impact in your life. This will be included in the award ceremony program booklet and published on our website.

(b) Thank you letter to the donor (175 – 250 words): You will receive a scholarship from one of our donors (individuals, companies, or societies). With your sincere appreciation, discuss your future plans (academic, community work and/or career), and explain how this scholarship will help you to achieve the goals.

(c) Video clip for the award presentation (maximum 2 minutes): The video clip will be used for the awards ceremony and our website. Submit the file by sharing the link to your Google Drive. Details will be provided later.

The candidates who fail to submit the required items by July 28, 2021 will be deemed as having declined the scholarship.

Attendance Requirement
Every scholarship recipient (or a family member) MUST attend the VKCSF Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Currently, a virtual ceremony is scheduled on Saturday, August 21, 2021.
The ceremony will be held in-person only if COVID-19 restrictions allow us to do so.